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Welcome! to our Frequently Asked Question - Here you can find the answers for most of your queries regarding our Indian Human Hair Extensions Products we sell. If you did not find answer for any of your query kindly contact us - we will be more than happy to assist you.


1.What Origin Of Human Hair You Sell?

We sell only  IndianHuman Hair collected directly from the donors at South Indian Temples. Its the finest collection of hair best suitable for all origin of users.

2.What textures does it comes?

Our Indian Human Hair comes in Natural Straight, Natural Wavy and Natural Curly Textures. 

3.What Grade of Hair do you sell?

Real Human Hair quality is not measured in grades, instead its measured in terms of hair cuticles.

4.What are hair cuticles?

Hair cuticles are the outer layers of each strand of hair which covers and protects the inner of hair. Usually cuticles are like fish scales which run in same direct from top to down. Its must for a hair to have cuticles in tact in same direction (Also called as Remy Hair) in order for to remain tangle free and easily managable.

5.If hair quality is measured by cuticles , then why most of the chinese hair vendor sell hair  by grades?

In reality all Chinese vendors sell cuticles removed chemically processed hair, so in order to hide the acutal hair quality they use grade 5A, grade 6A, grade 7A terms to specify the hair quality. If you ask them whats the difference in quality for all these grade of hairs they will not able to give satificatory answer, which is evedent they sell processed hair without cuticles.

 6. Why chinese vendors do not sell Indian Hair With Cuticles In tact insame direction?

The fact is simple, the cost indian Hair with cuticles in tact in same direction is high. Usually the chinese hair vendors main selling point is cheap price and not quality. Chinese hair factory buy floor hair or wast comb hair from india at very very cheap dust price and process them with chemicals and sell at good margin.

 7.How to ask for quality hair?

The main quality terms used in Human Hair are Virgin and Remy. In most cases vendors are happy to say their hair is Virgin and they remain silent about the Remy  , they do not want to talk about it. Most Chinese vendors have created a myth that Remy hair is of not good quality hair, only virgin hair is of good quality hair. In reality its the vice versa. Infact to understand it better first we need to understand what does it really mean by Virgin and Remy.

What is Virgin Hair : The hair can be colored or the color of hair can be alter to your desired shade. It does not guarantee that the hair is not processed to remove cuticles or does not guarantee the hair still holds the cuticles in same direction. 

What is Remy Hair: Remy hair means the hair cuticles arestill intact in same direction.

So, to answer your question how to ask for the best suitable hair for your need is , if you want the hair tangle free and easily managable then add the keyword REMY. If you plan to change your hair color then use the keyword Virgin.

Need Tangle Free Hair - Ask for remy hair

Need Tangle Free Hair and Prefer to color your hair  - Ask for Virgin Remy Hair





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